Joe Farasati gets new toys for the track and street!


14 Jul Joe Farasati gets new toys for the track and street!

Joe Farasati of gets new toys for track and street. You’ll want to check out these new toys and what they can do for your street or track car. High performance parts, pro driver, skills and grind to be the best are the components that make you the best on the track. MiRO focuses on the demands of pro racers and daily drivers alike to deliver the best of the best.


Our high quality wheels are second to none and we offer various applications across all makes and models. Find out what fits your car here:


Joe Farasati uses MiRO 398 for his 2000 Lexus SC300 drift car.


Check out the MiRO Type 398 here:


Check out Joe: and here:




Borg Warner SX-E turbo

The all new ‘SX-Enhanced’ turbos redefine performance and value for modern turbochargers. Comparable in size to GT35 or precision 62, the SXE utilizes BorgWarner’s latest generation billet compressor wheels, and uprated journal bearings with 360 degree thrust assemblies. The new 62mm Inducer SXE turbo is the updated performance replacement for S360, S362 and 63mm FMW turbos.

Packaged in a purpose built SX-E compressor housing, SXE turbos utilize a ported shroud anti-surge inlet and speed sensor port. It is paired with traditional Airwerks 76mm Inconel turbine and flexible housing options. Smaller overall dimensions than the EFR8374 and higher airflow rates make this an excellent match for high-boost and high-power applications. Oil-Cooled Journal Bearing only.

G-Force GSR transmission

The G-Force GSR is absolutely the end of the line in terms of absolute strength and performance from a 4 speed racing transmission. The internal shifting mechanism found in the GSR has been proven to greatly increase the driver’s ability to accurately and precisely find the correct gear when shifting. The unique internal shifting design of the GSR combined with its revolutionary Long shifter allows the driver to make lightning quick shifts without worrying about accidentally getting the transmission “hung” between two gears. This improves the driver’s focus and ultimately his or her overall performance.

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