This year we went back to Fontana Speedway for Bimmerfest 2018. It’s always a pleasure to meet the BMW community and interact with our customers as well as the general BMW public. The weather cooperated with us this year and it was nice and cool, the overcast kept the sun at bay and everyone was either reaching for a light jacket or keeping the tank top on. This year we had a nice spot close to the main fence area and we had a nice setup. Danny and Chris brought out their BMW’s and we had the best of both worlds as far as wheel color. Danny had the 111’s and Chris sported the 110.

The raffle was a big hit and we had a lot of inquiries about our wheels. At the end of the day, there could only be one winner of the grand prize, the MiRO F25 Form Forged Wheel, a super light weight high performance rim that is one our latest offerings. You can get more information here. And the winner is… @tritonian531 This kid was happier than a kid in a candy shop.

See his big smile below.

We never miss a chance to go to Bimmerfest, our current line-up caters to BMW’s and that said our wheels takes factory caps as well. See you next year and thanks for the support!

Check out the pics below!



_DSC9944 _DSC9931 _DSC9915 _DSC9693 _DSC9675 _DSC9671 _DSC9656 _DSC9652 _DSC9651 _DSC9647 _DSC9639 _DSC9637 _DSC9625 _DSC9624 _DSC9602 _DSC9597 _DSC9596 _DSC9592 _DSC9591 _DSC9590 _DSC9587 _DSC9584 _DSC9583 _DSC9579 _DSC9572 _DSC9569 _DSC9561 _DSC9558 _DSC9559 _DSC9533 _DSC9524 _DSC9521 _DSC9519 _DSC9515 _DSC9512 _DSC9514 _DSC9513 _DSC9507 _DSC9501 _DSC9500 _DSC9499 _DSC9486 _DSC9481 _DSC9480 _DSC9475 _DSC9474 _DSC9472 _DSC9467 _DSC9466 _DSC9465 _DSC9460 _DSC9457 _DSC9455 _DSC9449 _DSC9447 _DSC9446 _DSC9444 _DSC9443 _DSC9445 _DSC9442 _DSC9440 _DSC9437 _DSC9436 _DSC9434 _DSC9433 _DSC9431 _DSC9430 _DSC9426 _DSC9421 _DSC9416 _DSC9405 _DSC9404 _DSC9398 _DSC9397 _DSC9385 _DSC9383 _DSC9376 _DSC9369 _DSC9367       _DSC9376 _DSC9383 _DSC9385 _DSC9397 _DSC9398 _DSC9404 _DSC9405 _DSC9416 _DSC9421 _DSC9426 _DSC9430 _DSC9431 _DSC9433 _DSC9434 _DSC9436 _DSC9437 _DSC9440 _DSC9442 _DSC9445 _DSC9443 _DSC9444 _DSC9446 _DSC9447 _DSC9449 _DSC9455 _DSC9457 _DSC9460 _DSC9465 _DSC9466 _DSC9467 _DSC9472 _DSC9474 _DSC9475 _DSC9480 _DSC9481 _DSC9486 _DSC9499 _DSC9500 _DSC9501 _DSC9507 _DSC9513 _DSC9514 _DSC9512 _DSC9515 _DSC9519 _DSC9521 _DSC9524 _DSC9533 _DSC9559 _DSC9558 _DSC9561 _DSC9569 _DSC9572 _DSC9579 _DSC9583 _DSC9584 _DSC9587 _DSC9590 _DSC9591 _DSC9592 _DSC9596 _DSC9597 _DSC9602 _DSC9624 _DSC9625 _DSC9637 _DSC9639 _DSC9647 _DSC9651 _DSC9652 _DSC9656 _DSC9671 _DSC9675 _DSC9693 _DSC9915 _DSC9931 _DSC9944

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