MiRO TYPE 111 is one of the flagship wheels in our current lineup. Alluring and tasteful, the TYPE 111 is ready to add a touch of elegance and adds unique edge to your vehicle.

– 6061 T6 aluminum alloy
– Low pressure single piece cast
– Fit most current BMW factory center caps
– Flawless powder coat/machine polish finish
– VIA, JWL certified
– One year limited warranty
– Audi A3, A4, & A5 (mostly hub-centric)
– BMW 3, 5, 6, & 7 series (hub-centric)
– Lexus ES, GS, IS
– Infiniti G35, G37, Q50, Q60, QX70
– Subaru WRX (hub-centric)
– VW MK4, MK5, MK6 (hub-centric)

18″ $235-245 | 19″ $275-285 | 20″ $360-370

Silver Finish with Machine Polish Face

111_45_s111_F_S_small 111_n_sa

18x8.55x1003557.1BallSilver / Machine Polish Face
18x9.55x1004057.1BallSilver / Machine Polish Face
18x8.55x1123566.6BallSilver / Machine Polish Face
18x8.55x1124566.6BallSilver / Machine Polish Face
18x9.55x1124066.6BallSilver / Machine Polish Face
19x8.55x1123266.6BallSilver / Machine Polish Face
19x9.55x1124066.6BallSilver / Machine Polish Face
18x8.55x114.33573.1ConicalSilver / Machine Polish Face
18x9.55x114.34073.1ConicalSilver / Machine Polish Face
19x8.55x114.31573.1ConicalSilver / Machine Polish Face
19x8.55x114.33573.1ConicalSilver / Machine Polish Face
19x9.55x114.32073.1ConicalSilver / Machine Polish Face
19x9.55x114.34073.1ConicalSilver / Machine Polish Face
20x8.55x114.31873.1ConicalSilver / Machine Polish Face
20x9.55x114.31873.1ConicalSilver / Machine Polish Face
18x8.55x1202074.1ConicalSilver / Machine Polish Face
18x8.55x1203572.6ConicalSilver / Machine Polish Face
18x9.55x1202074.1ConicalSilver / Machine Polish Face
18x9.55x1204072.6ConicalSilver / Machine Polish Face
19x8.55x1201574.1ConicalSilver / Machine Polish Face
19x8.55x1203572.6ConicalSilver / Machine Polish Face
19x9.55x1202074.1ConicalSilver / Machine Polish Face
19x9.55x1203372.6ConicalSilver / Machine Polish Face
19x9.55x1204072.6ConicalSilver / Machine Polish Face
20x8.55x1201874.1ConicalSilver / Machine Polish Face
20x9.55x1201874.1ConicalSilver / Machine Polish Face

18″ $235-245 | 19″ $275-285 | 20″ $360-370

Matte Black Finish


18x8.55x1003557.1BallMatte Black
18x9.55x1004057.1BallMatte Black
18x8.55x1123566.6BallMatte Black
18x8.55x1124566.6BallMatte Black
18x9.55x1124066.6BallMatte Black
19x8.55x1123266.6BallMatte Black
19x9.55x1124066.6BallMatte Black
18x8.55x114.33573.1ConicalMatte Black
18x9.55x114.34073.1ConicalMatte Black
19x8.55x114.31573.1ConicalMatte Black
19x8.55x114.33573.1ConicalMatte Black
19x9.55x114.32073.1ConicalMatte Black
19x9.55x114.34073.1ConicalMatte Black
20x8.55x114.31873.1ConicalMatte Black
20x9.55x114.31873.1ConicalMatte Black
18x8.55x1202074.1ConicalMatte Black
18x8.55x1203572.6ConicalMatte Black
18x9.55x1202074.1ConicalMatte Black
18x9.55x1204072.6ConicalMatte Black
19x8.55x1203572.6ConicalMatte Black
19x9.55x1203372.6ConicalMatte Black
19x9.55x1204072.6ConicalMatte Black
20x8.55x1201874.1ConicalMatte Black
20x9.55x1201874.1ConicalMatte Black

18″ $282-294 | 19″ $330-$342

In celebration of our 20th anniversary, we are offering the Type 111 wheel in Anthracite finish. The Anthracite limited edition wheel is available only in the following sizes and bolt patterns. (While Supplies Lasts)

Anthracite Finish

miro_111_anthracite miro_111_anthracite_2

While Supplies Lasts