Light weight yet strong, MiRO TYPE 398 is popular for what it is capable of. Its proven six-spoke design makes the TYPE 398 an ideal choice for various applications from everyday driving to a competitive setup.


6061 T6 aluminum alloyHyundai Genesis Coupe
Low pressure single piece castLexus IS250 IS350
Fit most current BMW factory center capsNissan 350 Z, 370 Z
Flawless powder coat/machine polish finishMitsubishi Evo 8, 9, 10
VIA, JWL certifiedScion TC, XB, FR-S
One year limited warrantySubaru BRZ, WRX, STI

18×8.5 $270 | 18×9.5 $280 | 18×10.5 $290 | 19×8.5 $290 

19×9.5 $315

Silver Finish

398_F_S 398_45_S_small

W398.805111WMCAP398.11MIRO398188.55X1003557.1CONICAL22.5690KGFULL SILVER
W398.805311WMCAP398.11MIRO398188.55X114.33573.1CONICAL22.5690KGFULL SILVER
W398.815111WMCAP398.11MIRO398189.55X1002057.1CONICAL24690KGFULL SILVER
W398.815121WMCAP398.11MIRO398189.55X1003457.1CONICAL23690KGFULL SILVER
W398.815311WMCAP398.11MIRO398189.55X114.32073.1CONICAL24690KGFULL SILVER
W398.815321WMCAP398.11MIRO398189.55X114.33473.1CONICAL23690KGFULL SILVER
W398.825311WMCAP398.11MIRO3981810.55X114.32073.1CONICAL24.5690KGFULL SILVER
W398.915311WMCAP398.11MIRO398198.55X114.31573.1CONICAL24690KGFULL SILVER
W398.915321WMCAP398.11MIRO398198.55X114.33573.1CONICAL24690KGFULL SILVER
W398.915421WMCAP398.11MIRO398198.55X1203572.6CONICAL23690KGFULL SILVER
W398.925311WMCAP398.11MIRO398199.55X114.32073.1CONICAL24.5690KGFULL SILVER
W398.925321WMCAP398.11MIRO398199.55X114.34073.1CONICAL24.5690KGFULL SILVER
W398.925421WMCAP398.11MIRO398199.55X1204072.6CONICAL24.5690KGFULL SILVER

18×8.5 $270 | 18×9.5 $280 | 18×10.5 $290 | 19×8.5 $290 

19×9.5 $315

Matte Black Finish

398_F_B_small 398_45_B

W398.805112WMCAP398.12MIRO398188.55X1003557.1CONICAL22.5690KGMATTE BLACK
W398.805312WMCAP398.12MIRO398188.55X114.33573.1CONICAL22.5690KGMATTE BLACK
W398.815112WMCAP398.12MIRO398189.55X1002057.1CONICAL24690KGMATTE BLACK
W398.815122WMCAP398.12MIRO398189.55X1003457.1CONICAL23690KGMATTE BLACK
W398.815312WMCAP398.12MIRO398189.55X114.32073.1CONICAL24690KGMATTE BLACK
W398.815322WMCAP398.12MIRO398189.55X114.33473.1CONICAL23690KGMATTE BLACK
W398.825312WMCAP398.12MIRO3981810.55X114.32073.1CONICAL24.5690KGMATTE BLACK
W398.915322WMCAP398.12MIRO398198.55X114.33573.1CONICAL23690KGMATTE BLACK
W398.925322WMCAP398.12MIRO398199.55X114.34073.1CONICAL24.5690KGMATTE BLACK


All of our wheels are VIA | JWL certified and covered with a limited one year factory warranty. Restrictions apply*

ALT WHEELS warrants to the original purchaser, and no others, that products manufactured and distributed by ALT WHEELS, FOB ALT WHEELS, California are free from defects in the material and workmanship under normal and intended use for a period of one year from date of original sale. Our responsibility under the warranty is limited to replacement or repair without charge except for freight, if found defective.

ALT WHEELS will not be responsible for any damage or loss caused by delays, failure, or any consequential damage arising from any cause whatsoever, nor for labor, transportation, or any other charges incurred in the replacement of repair of a defective product.

This warranty does not cover any wheel of our manufacture which has been damaged either in transit or an accident, misuse, road hazard, negligence or which had been repaired or altered in any manner. It is limited to wheels used in normal road and freeway driving. Accessories and the finish on painted wheels are not covered. Discoloration or damage to the clear coat finish due to misuse, neglect, improper cleaning agents, or clip-on wheel weights, is not covered by this warranty.

ALT WHEELS hereby disclaims all other express or implied warranties of merchantability and use for a particular purpose, the extent the laws of the State of sale and Federal laws allow. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights under state laws. No warranty or representation by anyone other than ALT WHEEL, in writing, will be binding on us.