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 BrandModelYearPCDHub BoreWheelSizeTire Note 
1738TeslaModel S2012-20155x12064MiRO 11019x8.5+35245/45-19F/R
1739TeslaModel S2012-20155x12064MiRO 11019x10+37275/40-19R
1740TeslaModel S2012-20155x12064MiRO 11020x8.5+38245/40-20F/R
1741TeslaModel S2012-20155x12064MiRO 11020x9.5+38245/40-20R
1742TeslaModel S2012-20155x12064MiRO 11119x8.5+35245/45-19F/R
1743TeslaModel S2012-20155x12064MiRO 11119x9.5+40275/40-19R
1744TeslaModel S2012-20155x12064MiRO 39819x8.5+35245/45-19F/R
1745TeslaModel S2012-20155x12064MiRO 39819x9.5+40275/40-19R

MiRO Application Guide V.1215     Author: Miguel A. Castillo     Editor: RL

More fitments will be added periodically.